8:01 pm - Wednesday December 7, 2016

Private eye goes two for four

Chief Judge H. Chris Ryan Jr. ruled Ross B. Radke was not guilty of two counts of unlawful use of a weapon.

Radke, 55, testified on his own behalf during the trial and called one witness, with three Ottawa officers testifying against him.

Radke opted to go without a jury, instead having the judge render a verdict.

As a licensed investigator, Radke is permitted to carry a weapon when working, but prosecutors claimed he was not working, but rather had the weapons illegally in his car as a private citizen.

Since June 2010, Radke has undergone three other trials.

In June 2010, a judge found Radke guilty of illegally having red oscillating lights atop his car.

Ottawa lawyer Matthew Burkhart defended Radke in these three cases.

Besides working as a private investigator, Radke has also been a martial arts instructor in Ottawa. >> My Web Times